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Business Consulting


What can DAKonsulting offer your business

DEVELOPMENT:    We can guide you through that great idea you have for a business or a dramatic change to your existing business.

BUDGETING :      We have years of experience developing and adhering to budgets

STARTUP:       We will take you through all the requirements made by different levels of government, GST ,PST ,Worksafe  and licensing


MANAGEMENT:   We observe your management style and recommend different paths if needed

HIRING:      We will walk you through the pit falls of not hiring the right people.

UNION NEGOTATION:  As we all have seen the labour movement is moving more into small business, We take a common sense approach

                                        towards labour unions " they are not the enemy but they must work with you as a business owner not against you"

                                        We have successfully negotiated contracts with one of Canada's largest unions.